November 30th 2012

New Toy

New Toy

Is this the end of my 18-105?

I don’t think so, but there’s no telling…

All I know is that I’m soooooooooo stoked to get shooting with this little gem *outtahere*

November 27th 2012

Bottom’s Up

My dad’s making me a thingamabob to mount my camerastrap to the bottom of the camera, making it swivel and abling me to carry the camera in a much more comfortable way…

Thus this picture, as he needed some measurents!

It soooo good to have a brilliant and helpful dad, with too much time on his hands ;-)

November 26th 2012



Did you know…

…that this futuristic cubist gargoyle, that you find in the area around Amerikaplads and Dampfærgevej, is a modern homage to the 1890’s lampposts from Toldboden?

No? Well, neither did I, but as I passed them today, I decided I’d find out what/how/when/where and specifically; why!?

November 24th 2012

The Zinker

The Zinker

I needed to clear my head and excercise my leg, so I went for a walk along Langelinie and around Kastellet today and on my way I met this chap…

So I guess I’m not the only one that enjoys doing my thinking at the sea ;-)