November 22nd 2012

My Day

My Day

First off, I have to admit, that it’s not entirely fair to claim that this ate up my whole day.

That said, I still find it mindbuggling, that people all over the country have to either take off work or let a stranger have access to their home, whilst there is no one at home…

All because the heat meter has to be read!

Why is it, that the heat-meter-reader-people can’t adapt to the lives of everyday working class heroes, and do their meter-reading-work when (most) people are home?

It doesn’t seem to be a problem for the likes of phoners all over the world, to figure out when people are home and do their thing during that time!?

After all we are the customers, so you’d think the company would do well to please us!

Oh by the way, The Sign Says:

Something about everybody in my building having to be home between 13:30 and 15:00, to let the meter-reader-man in (not exactly what it says, but you get the point ;-)


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