April 27th 2014

Setting Sun

Setting Sun

I left my soul there

Down by the sea

I lost control here

Living free

April 26th 2014

High Speed Dirt

High Speed Dirt

I guess this has been done before, so I know I don’t get many points for innovation…

Still, this is a first for me, so in some ways I’m still breaking new ground here!

This is me trying to get a new perspective on things, forcing myself to look a bit differently upon my surroundings.

April 21st 2014

Cow Parade

Cow Parade

Guess who’s back!

Yeah I know: It’s been 7 months since my last post, and I know that this post is not part of my photographic interpretation of Metallica’s “Kill ’em All”.

But I have to admit, that the motivation to pick up the camera has been completely non-existent :-(

It has simply been too much of a burden for me to do and my eager to be creative hasn’t really been there.

But HEY! Things are looking bright(er)… I have a job that I’m really happy about and slowly but safely I’m digging my way out of the depression…

At least I think I am… It feels right!

So it was just great to feel the urge of going out with my Nikon in hand again. I’d seen the MOOtif that I WANTED to shoot and I couldn’t wait to get home from work, so I could take my camera out.

What a fantastic feeling!

I actually found other motifs as well, but I didn’t quite get the pictures I wanted. I guess my skills have gotten a bit rusty. But I guess that’s to be expected!

I’m still not shootin’ for a-pic-a-day, but I sure hope you’ll get to see a lot more from me in the time to come. At least I know I have some ideas I want to try out.

So watch out ;-)

BTW: You will eventually get to see the rest of “Kill ’em All” as photographed by me… I just need someone with long hair for my next shot… Could You be the one?