April 9th 2016

When In Spain... VI

When In Spain… VI

On our last day in Málaga we took a ride on the cable car (only slightly terrifying, if you suffer from acrophobia) to the top of Mount Calamorro to take in the breathtaking view of Costa del Sol, but more so, to enjoy the Birds of Prey exhibition up there…

More on that later (perhaps)…

See, not only birds lived up there. We also came across this little fella…

I wonder if he’s since become the prey for the birds?


April 8th 2016

When In Spain... V (Or "Square One I")

When In Spain… V (Or “Square One I”)

Some of the windows in the houses of Frigiliana were nicely adorned with terracotta

April 8th 2016

When In Spain... III

When In Spain… III

Part of Thomas’ birthday was spent in the classic white spanish mountain city of Frigiliana.

And what a great view from up high in the village (nope, I’m not talkin about the otherwise handsome young men who photobombed my shot ;-) ).

April 6th 2016

When In Spain... II

When In Spain… II

Another day in southern Spain and yet another citadel…

This time The Alhambra in Granada and this time the weather is much nicer!

Afterwards we went into Granada for a beer and some lunch and it turns out that each beer we ordered was complimented with a really nice tapas-serving, so actually we ended up not ordering anything for lunch!

April 4th 2016

When In Spain...

When In Spain…

I recently went to Málaga (Benalmádena to be exact) with my good friends Thomas and Jesper for a week of sunshine, great food, great (amounts of) alcohol, amazing cultural experiences and general relaxation.

On our first full day there, the weather wasn’t great, but as we traversed the Gibralfaro to visit the Alcazaba (a citadel located on the hill that is the Gibralfaro), we realized that it was definately no problem that it was a bit chilly!

It was well worth the climb though!

The picture is of one of the carvings inside the Alcazaba.

Just imagine the amount of patience required, to meticulously carve this amazing piece of art from a slab of stone!

Not to mention the amount of time it would have taken!