August 31st 2012

Hurricane Maja

Hurricane Maja

Picking up Ronni and Maja at the trainstation, one of the first things she said was:

“Now we have to go play at your house, Grandma”

So, less than five minutes after “Hurricane Maja” hit my Mum’s place, it looked like this!


August 30th 2012

Straight To Heck

Straight To Heck

Artistic freedom rules!

… o O (Why does there have to be rules for freedom!? ;-)

August 29th 2012

(Un)boxing Day

(Un)boxing Day

I’m feeling much better today, but it’s not because my brand new HTC One X has arrived…

Altough it certainly helps :-)

At least now it’s a lot more fun having to stay in bed getting better!

Well… no time to talk… or write… or post… Got to get some electricity flowing into that phone!

Oh, and of course I’ve got to get better too ;-)

August 28th 2012

It's Coming

It’s Coming

I’m still feverish and undercovers, but at least my tummy’s better!

…except, of course, for the anxiousness stemming from waiting for the mailman!

Well, he won’t be here until tomorrow and hopefully I’m feeling better then!

In the meantime, here’s another picture of the phone I ordered… Did you guess what it is yet?

I even considered going for a Samsung Galaxy S III, but decided I didn’t need that cheap plastic’y feeling and went for a more “feelgood hit of the summer”…

August 27th 2012

New Order

New Order

My Desire has grown tired, so it’s time to move on…

I did consider taking the jump to the fruity pebbles that is the iPhone, but I’m not so sure it is yet to be myPhone…

So, before my wits were taken out by by fever and projectile vomiting, I decided to stick to the well known and ordered this slim beauty!