August 29th 2016

Esbjerg 006 - Premier Is

Esbjerg 006 – Premier Is

Esbjerg 006 – Premier Is

The ice cream company, Premier Is (originally named “Premiere Is”) was founded in Esbjerg in 1927 and was for many years a proud Esbjerg-brand.

However times change and time changes companies.

Premier Is was sold off to first Nestlé and, in 2009, the company was bought by “Mejerigaarden”, the owners of the “Polar Is” brand.

With regards to the city of Esbjerg, the biggest change came, when Mejerigaarden merged the two brands; Premier Is and Polar Is under the Premier Is name, and moved the production to Thisted.

So this leaves just the faded memories of Premier Is in Esbjerg, as evidenced on this photo.

The building is located at the T-intersection of Havdigevej and Fiskebrogade in 6700 Esbjerg

August 28th 2016

Esbjerg 005 - Tall Ship

Esbjerg 005 – Tall Ship

Esbjerg 005 – Tall Ship

This sculpture was a gift to the Port of Esbjerg, donated by Sigurd Pedersen, at the 125 year anniversary of the port in 1993.

The artist, Gunnar Pedersen, made the sculpture from “Weathering Steel”, which  is a group of steel alloys developed to eliminate the need for painting, and form a stable rust-like appearance if exposed to the weather for several years.

You’ll find the “Tall Ship” at the port administration offices, at Hulvejen 1, 6700 Esbjerg

August 21st 2016

Esbjerg 004 - Grådyb Kollegiet

Esbjerg 004 – Grådyb Kollegiet

Esbjerg 004 – Grådyb Kollegiet

Grådyb Kollegiet is a 11 storey, 36 meter tall dormbuilding located at grådybet 73 in Esbjerg.

It is the tallest building in the city of Esbjerg and from the top floors, you’re said to have a great view looking out over the city and the surrounding landscapes.

On the roof are solar panels that cover the amount of electricity needed to run the ventilation systems, the lights in the stairwell and the laundry facilities.

Apart from the “regular students”, Grådyb Kollegiet is also home to a number of athletes that study at Esbjerg Sports College.

August 20th 2016

Esbjerg 003 - Fishermen's Memorial Grove

Esbjerg 003 – Fishermen’s Memorial Grove

Esbjerg  003 – Fishermen’s Memorial Grove

The Fishermen’s Memorial Grove isn’t just made up of the rotunda.

In the interior part of the rotunda, there’s a group of bronze sculptures.

The bronze figures depict: A man picking up another, a young woman sitting and thirdly a mother and a child.

The motive of the woman and the child is to symbolise the basic human values, the home and the child.

The figures of a man helping another, is a symbol of helpfulness and companionship.

Oh, and the memorial is created by C. Th. Sørensen (Sculptor), August Kiel (Landscape architect) and V. Thorlacius Ussing (Director of the “Ny Carlsberg Fund”).


August 16th 2016

Esbjerg 002 - Fishermen's Memorial Grove

Esbjerg 002 – Fishermen’s Memorial Grove

Esbjerg 002 – Fishermen’s Memorial Grove

The granite rotunda was inaugurated on November 3rd 1949 and the granite walls are engraved with the names of the Esbjerg fishermen, who lost their lives at sea since the year 1900.

Originally, the memorial was strictly for fishermen who had been lost at sea and never found. Today though, the names of all the Esbjerg fishermen who lose their lives at sea, are engraved into the walls.

You find the memorial grove at the junction between Sædding Strandvej and Gravlundvej, 6700 Esbjerg.


August 15th 2016

Esbjerg 001 - City Arms

Esbjerg 001 – City Arms


It’s where I was born and raised…

…and the place I returned to in 2013, after having spent the previous 20 years in the city of Copenhagen.

Today I’m back in Esbjerg, but I’m not yet an Esbjergenser and I don’t know if I ever will be!?

Everyday I try to cope with being back and try to find my place in the city.

The series of pictures I’ve titled “Esbjerg” is one way for me to get to know the city a little better.

I’ve tried to capture a not-so-usual side of the city. Tried to look at the city with the eyes of someone who used to live here, but has been away for a long time.

Also I’ve tried to look away from “the usual suspects”, when shotting these pictures.

So I’ve tried NOT to shoot the obvious (e.g. “Mennesket Ved Havet”)… Or at least: shoot “the usuals” in an unusual way.

’nuff said, on to the picture at hand:

“Esbjerg 001 – City Arms”

The Esbjerg City Arms was officially granted in 1903.

The seal show a linden tree and two anchors. The linden tree symbolising the first (linden) tree of the city and the two anchors relate to the fact, that the city is one of the largest harbours in Denmark.

Prior to 1903, the city used a different (unofficial) arms, with a steamer and a dolphin. This seal was used in the years 1893 – 1903.

This particular copy of the City Arms is located at the entrance to Rybners Gymnasium at Grådybparken, 6700 Esbjerg