This site started out as an a-pic-a-day blog, but having done that for a year, I sort of burned out on the concept.

I might pick it up again at a later date, but for now I’ve gone all dogma on yo a** and the current idea behind my photoblog is:

– I pick out an album by some musical artist and I take photos to illustrate my interpretation of the songtitles of that album

– Each interpretation is, in turn, published as “Track 01”, “Track 02”, “Track 03” etc.

– When all the “tracks” have been published, I will upload my interpretation of the cover/title of the album and the complete tracklist with all the right titles

So join in the fun and have a stab at guessing which album is the one I’m currently trying to illustrate!

Oh, but I’m sorry… There’s no prize for guessing the album, other than an honourable mention and my everlasting respect ;-)

Here’s the original “disclaimer” for my blog:

This blog will be my version of “Project 365”.

An attempt at capturing 2012 in pictures.

One picture for every day of the year.

The blog will be a documentation of my life… of when… of where… of why… of hairstyles.. of travels… of happy moments… maybe even sad moments (I hope not)… of relationships… of friends… of family… of the world how I see it!

I’d also like to imagine, that the project will make me a better photographer, as I’ll be dragging my camera with me everyday, everywhere.

And who knows!? It might even end up being more than a 2012-project… It might expand into a life-project!

NB: To all you nitpickers out there (myself included), I’m fully aware that 2012 is a year of 366 days… But hey that allows me to take one day off… Maybe ;-)


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