October 6th 2016

Esbjerg 016 - Original City Arms

Esbjerg 016 – Original City Arms

Esbjerg 016 – Original City Arms

As mentioned in an earlier post, this is the original City Arms of Esbjerg. Although unofficial, the Arms was used in the years 1893-1903 and was superseeded by the City Arms we know today with the Linden and anchors.

This particular example of the old City Arms is placed upon the facade of the Esbjerg Touristinformation bureau (the former Esbjerg courthouse and jail), located at Torvet.

As mentioned, the old City Arms were not officially recognized as such and is actually a design by the architect of the courthouse and jail, Hans Christian Amberg.

As the story goes, upon completion of the courthouse and jail, H. C. Amberg felt that the facade lacked some sort of adornment. Thus he was commisioned by Consul Ditlev Lauritsen, to design something akin to a City Arms.

However, as Esbjerg wasn’t an independant municipality at the time, the design couldn’t be recognized as an official coat of arms.


October 5th 2016

Esbjerg 015 - Esbjerg Water Tower

Esbjerg 015 – Esbjerg Water Tower

Esbjerg 015 – The Water Tower

Esbjerg Water Tower has stood tall as THE landmark of Esbjerg, since it’s completion in 1897.

The iconic water tower was designed by architect Christian Hjerrild Clausen, who was greatly inspired by the Gothic style of medieval Haus Nassau in Nürnberg, Germany.

The water tower was erected on a burial mound from the Bronze Age, atop a cliff, overlooking the harbour.

Initially, the tank in the water tower had a capacity of 131 m3, but consumption grew so fast that in 1904 a supplementary container with a capacity of 525 m3 needed to be installed on Nygårdsvej. It became obvious that from the very start, the container in the water tower had been too small. From 1902, water was pumped directly to the consumers, the containers only being used to store excesses.

Esbjerg Water Tower is located at Havnegade 22, 6700 Esbjerg.


August 29th 2016

Esbjerg 006 - Premier Is

Esbjerg 006 – Premier Is

Esbjerg 006 – Premier Is

The ice cream company, Premier Is (originally named “Premiere Is”) was founded in Esbjerg in 1927 and was for many years a proud Esbjerg-brand.

However times change and time changes companies.

Premier Is was sold off to first Nestlé and, in 2009, the company was bought by “Mejerigaarden”, the owners of the “Polar Is” brand.

With regards to the city of Esbjerg, the biggest change came, when Mejerigaarden merged the two brands; Premier Is and Polar Is under the Premier Is name, and moved the production to Thisted.

So this leaves just the faded memories of Premier Is in Esbjerg, as evidenced on this photo.

The building is located at the T-intersection of Havdigevej and Fiskebrogade in 6700 Esbjerg

August 21st 2016

Esbjerg 004 - Grådyb Kollegiet

Esbjerg 004 – Grådyb Kollegiet

Esbjerg 004 – Grådyb Kollegiet

Grådyb Kollegiet is a 11 storey, 36 meter tall dormbuilding located at grådybet 73 in Esbjerg.

It is the tallest building in the city of Esbjerg and from the top floors, you’re said to have a great view looking out over the city and the surrounding landscapes.

On the roof are solar panels that cover the amount of electricity needed to run the ventilation systems, the lights in the stairwell and the laundry facilities.

Apart from the “regular students”, Grådyb Kollegiet is also home to a number of athletes that study at Esbjerg Sports College.

November 26th 2012



Did you know…

…that this futuristic cubist gargoyle, that you find in the area around Amerikaplads and Dampfærgevej, is a modern homage to the 1890’s lampposts from Toldboden?

No? Well, neither did I, but as I passed them today, I decided I’d find out what/how/when/where and specifically; why!?

October 9th 2012

Bar None

Bar None

Behind this door there used to be a bar…

But now they’ve torn down the entire building…

…except, strangely, the facade where this door sits!

I hope not too many drunks stumble through it with their hopes up high!

August 20th 2012

Gemini Residence

Gemini Residence

I went out into the warm summernight wanting to get some nice nighttime HDR-shots…

I got my nighttime shots and they’re in HDR, but I’m not satisfied they’re as awesome as I’d like them to be :-/

But at least that gives me an opportunity to go do it again ;-)