October 31st 2012

Hey, Hey, Hay

Hey, Hey, Hay

It’s what you do when passing time and waiting:

Staring into the rug!

October 30th 2012

New(s) Flash

New(s) Flash

Here’s my new toy!

I got it off Tina, Thor, Clara and Hannah as a birthday present and I know Tina didn’t use it, but I’m still kind of speechless and really happy for it…

What a brilliant gift and I promise, that it will be of great use to me :-)


October 28th 2012

Forest Floor

Forest Floor

I spent the morning in the forest with my brother and my niece…

What a beautiful day and what a beautiful way and place to spend it!

October 26th 2012



As is obvious (or not) from todays photo, I went to the photography exhibition (fotomessen) in Forum today…

The photo of a Caresto V8 Speedster’s not all I came home with though, as there were lots of goodies included in the ticket:

– Plenty of seminars and speeches on all things photography

– Photo exhibits

– Free cleaning of your D-SLR at both the Nikon and Canon stands

– A free copy of “Capture One Express 6”

– For DKK 99,- one could buy three copies of “Zoom” magazine including a photobook from CEWE worth DKK 400,-

…and of course all the usual merchandise in the form of pens, keychains, magazines, candy and what not!

It was a great day and I can definately recomend going there, if you’re into photography.

October 25th 2012



It is what it says on the package: A lampshade…

Oh and if there’s a story connected, then it’s a bout me being in Glostrup looking after Amalie, Lauritz and Konrad, whilst Thomas and Lena went and saw Skyfall…

So I had to do something to take my mind off the envy of not going to see James Bond…

So I guess I just took to staring into lights :-D