October 4th 2016

Esbjerg 014 - Esbjerg Skibet

Esbjerg 014 – Esbjerg Skibet

Esbjerg 014 – Esbjerg Skibet

Esbjergs newest landmark, “Esbjerg Skibet (“The Esbjerg Ship”), is a granite sculpture, by Jørgen-Martin Pedersen from Vejrup, depicting a sailing ship.

“Esbjerg Skibet” was a donation, to the city of Esbjerg, from the “Claus Sørensen Fund” on occasion of the 100th birthday  of Tage Sørensen (1915 – 2016).

The sculpture was unveiled on December 5th 2015 (Tage Sørensen’s birthday) and at the same time, the square on which it sits, was named “Tage Sørensens Plads” (Tage Sørensens Square).

The sculpture measures more than 6 metres in height (including the plinth).

Curiously, on the date of unveiling of the sculpture, Tage Sørensen paid to make sure, that the residents on all the nursing homes in Esbjerg Kommune was served Port Wine and chocolate, as he knew it wouldn’t be possible for everyone to attend the unveiling.

The “Claus Sørensen Fund” was established in 1964 by one of Esbjerg’s great sons: Claus Sørensen, founder of the “Claus Sørensen Group”. The fund has contributed to many charitable causes in Esbjerg Kommune over the years.

Claus Sørensen Gruppen (The Claus Sørensen Group) was founded in 1926 by Tage Sørensens father, Claus Sørensen. It started out with the establishment and operation of cold stores along the west coast of Jutland. Today the activities include many other industries, and has produced several of the largest companies in Esbjerg and the surrounding areas.

Claus Sørensen himself passed away in 1976, leaving Tage Sørensen to continue his life’s work, which he did with great success.


September 25th 2016

Esbjerg 010 - Memorial Wall

Esbjerg 010 – Memorial Wall

Esbjerg 010 – Memorial Wall

At Fovrfeldt Cemetary, you find this Memorial Wall, commemorating the Esbjerg citizens, who fell victim to the Second World War (1939 – 1945).

The bronze relief shows Death, in the guise of an adult man, putting his arm protectively and comforting around the young man, gently leading him across the threshold between life and death.

September 20th 2016

Esbjerg 008 - Crucifix

Esbjerg 008 – Crucifix

Esbjerg 008 – Crucifix

Outside the Trinity Church, at Grådybet 23, 6700 Esbjerg, sits this Crucifix.

When hurricane “Adam” hit Esbjerg on December 3rd 1999 Esbjerg, it tore off the original roof of the Trinity Church.

Deciding it would be a shame to discard of the remains of the old roof, artist Erik Heide was commisioned to create the Crucifix.

September 18th 2016

Esbjerg 007 - Christian IX

Esbjerg 007 – Christian IX

Esbjerg 007 – Christian IX

The equestrian statue of King Christian IX, located at the Market Place (Torvet) of Esbjerg, was a gift from the citizens of Esbjerg, presented to the city in the year 1899.

The bronze statue was scultped by Ludvig Brandstrup (1861-1935) and carries an inscription:

”Til Aere for Byens Grundlaegger rejste Borgere i Esbjerg dette Mindesmaerke”

”In honour of the founder of the town citizens of Esbjerg erected this monument”

Also the Royal Danish Arms is presented in bronze on the plinth of the statue, with the added inscription:

”Med Gud for ære og ret”

”With God for honour and justice

Whilst being presented to the city in the year 1899, the statue wasn’t actually finished until 1900, as the plinth of the statue stood empty for that period, as a result of a strike.

There’s a similar statue, also sculpted by Ludvig Brandstrup, of Christian IX in the city of Slagelse.

Christian IX was the King of Denmark from 1863 through 1906 and having lost the port of Altona to the Germans during the second Schleswig war in 1864, the King signed a bill from parliament in 1868 for the establishment of a harbour in Esbjerg, thus being recognised as the founder of the city of Esbjerg.

August 20th 2016

Esbjerg 003 - Fishermen's Memorial Grove

Esbjerg 003 – Fishermen’s Memorial Grove

Esbjerg  003 – Fishermen’s Memorial Grove

The Fishermen’s Memorial Grove isn’t just made up of the rotunda.

In the interior part of the rotunda, there’s a group of bronze sculptures.

The bronze figures depict: A man picking up another, a young woman sitting and thirdly a mother and a child.

The motive of the woman and the child is to symbolise the basic human values, the home and the child.

The figures of a man helping another, is a symbol of helpfulness and companionship.

Oh, and the memorial is created by C. Th. Sørensen (Sculptor), August Kiel (Landscape architect) and V. Thorlacius Ussing (Director of the “Ny Carlsberg Fund”).