September 27th 2016

Esbjerg 012 - Ho Bay Sunset

Esbjerg 012 – Ho Bay Sunset

Esbjerg 012 – Ho Bay Sunset

Ho Bay is the 50 squarekilometer body of water that neighbours Esbjerg.

It makes up the northern part of The Wadden Sea National Park, a World Heritage Site.

The Wadden Sea and the salt marsh are among the most valuable wetland areas in the world and of crucial importance for breeding birds, fish, ocean mammals and plant life. Four times every twenty-four hours, a billion cubic meters of water is moved through the Wadden Sea, where powerful forces are in play when the tide creates mudflats and sandflats by mowing mud and sand in dramatic fashion.

By the way: Ho doesn’t mean that! You dirty thinkin’ little… ;-) Ho stems from the old danish word for “trough”: Hoo.

It is first named around 1325 and the area around the bay were among the densest populated in Western Jutland, as the bay gave shield from the fierce winds, for both freighters and fishing boats alike.

On a personal note: You just about get the most beautiful sunsets in Denmark, right here at Ho Bay.

Oh… And I know this is a recycling of an earlier posted image. This time in a different edit, though!