October 1st 2012

The Right Track

The Right Track

October 1st and I’m still looking for the right track…

But at least I know that there’s a tunnel ahead and there’s definately light at the end of it!

…o O (Although… D-A-D says it might just be a burglar alarm!?)

April 3rd 2012

Train In Vain

Train In Vain

Drama at the Grummesgaard residence:

A train was derailed right outside my windows today!

Luckily it sounded more dramatic than it was and nobody were hurt bad *phew*

It did make my choice of transportation for the day quite easy :-D

Oh… And please note how many of these people are working…

…hard at keeping their hands in their pockets!

March 21st 2012

Birdy Birdy Nam Nam

Birdy Birdy Nam Nam

Waiting for the train, this little fella thought he’d (she? I don’t know my feathered friends THAT well) join me…

He wasn’t scared of people or shuffling feet or thundering trains…

…possibly he was just hungry!