October 11th 2012

Golden Hour

Golden Hour

As drab and grey yesterday was, it’s been relieved by the golden rays of the sun this morning.

Mornings just don’t get much better than waking up to sunshine…

…even if I’ve actually been up long before the sun ;-)

July 24th 2012

What A Beautiful Day

What A Beautiful Day

Actually this was not only a beautiful day, but also sad and weird!

Sad because Dumbledore died :.-(

…o O (Granted I’m a tad behind the rest of the world on this knowledge)

Weird because of what you see in this picture, but more on that later!

Well, I spent the morning getting my apartment cleaned out, ready for the realtor to stop by, but before he showed up, Trine and her daugther came by…

Here I am looking forward to seeing two of the ost beautiful movers you can imagine… And they don’t bring me anything but pain, in the shape of an exercise bike! :-D

Well I’m actually really really grateful and I know the bike will be of great use and help, so a BIG BIG BIG thanks goes to Trine and Liv… You are beautful <3

Later I had Jeanne around for dinner and we started off at the marina dipping our feet in the water, enjoying the hot sun and a cold beer.

We ended the evening on the balcony (what a beautifully weird description of my itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny balcony!) playing Trivi… And there's no need to discuss THAT further *hrmpf*

Here's the weird part of the day:

Look at the picture… You should know that this was the hottest day of the year so far and skies had been blue all day… A few clouds had appeared, but the sun was still burning hot at the time we were on the balcony…

And then, off to the right of the picture, a rainbow occurred!

Not a big one, and obviously not impossible, but nevertheless, a rainbow and nevertheless improbable at the time!

Like I said: Weird, but beautiful!

Now where's that pot of gold?

Actually I think the pot of gold might be the bliss of my beautiful day :-)

May 28th 2012

Pretty As A Picture

Pretty As A Picture

Right here, right now, I’d love to have a painting like this hanging at home!

For some reason I thought that this photo got so much better when I “artified” it!?

BTW: Tomorrow I might not want to hang it anywhere ;-)

May 1st 2012

Working Brunch

Working Brunch

Trine’s got me hooked in so many ways and now she’s even gotten me into social studies again :-D

She’s working on a paper about youth participation (or lack thereof) in local politics and that got me up on the attic pulling out old books and papers I once did myself.

So what better way to study, than treat yourself to brunch in the sun and catch up on some reading whilst you’re there!?