September 26th 2016

Esbjerg 011 - Nørreskoven

Esbjerg 011 – Nørreskoven

Esbjerg 011 – Nørreskoven

In Nørreskoven, you’ll find the largest of Esbjerg’s two Animal Parks.

The forest was founded at the beginning of the 20th century, on the then desolate and windswept areas in the northern part of Esbjerg.

Initially the area was privately funded in cooperation between “Hedeselskabet” and enterprising citizens of Esbjerg, but it turned out the project wasn’t economically feasible, thus the Municipality of Esbjerg took over the area in 1907.

Nørreskoven turned into a favourite retreat for the people of Esbjerg and in 1985 29 acres of the southern part of Nørreskoven, was fenced off and hereby creating the Animal Park.

The Animal Park is home to several species of deer, that walk the park freely, some even roam outside the fences.

The animal population is controlled by skilled professionals. This is done to ensure that the deer population has the right size in terms of land, and to guarantee a healthy and vigorous bunch.