October 6th 2016

Esbjerg 016 - Original City Arms

Esbjerg 016 – Original City Arms

Esbjerg 016 – Original City Arms

As mentioned in an earlier post, this is the original City Arms of Esbjerg. Although unofficial, the Arms was used in the years 1893-1903 and was superseeded by the City Arms we know today with the Linden and anchors.

This particular example of the old City Arms is placed upon the facade of the Esbjerg Touristinformation bureau (the former Esbjerg courthouse and jail), located at Torvet.

As mentioned, the old City Arms were not officially recognized as such and is actually a design by the architect of the courthouse and jail, Hans Christian Amberg.

As the story goes, upon completion of the courthouse and jail, H. C. Amberg felt that the facade lacked some sort of adornment. Thus he was commisioned by Consul Ditlev Lauritsen, to design something akin to a City Arms.

However, as Esbjerg wasn’t an independant municipality at the time, the design couldn’t be recognized as an official coat of arms.


August 15th 2016

Esbjerg 001 - City Arms

Esbjerg 001 – City Arms


It’s where I was born and raised…

…and the place I returned to in 2013, after having spent the previous 20 years in the city of Copenhagen.

Today I’m back in Esbjerg, but I’m not yet an Esbjergenser and I don’t know if I ever will be!?

Everyday I try to cope with being back and try to find my place in the city.

The series of pictures I’ve titled “Esbjerg” is one way for me to get to know the city a little better.

I’ve tried to capture a not-so-usual side of the city. Tried to look at the city with the eyes of someone who used to live here, but has been away for a long time.

Also I’ve tried to look away from “the usual suspects”, when shotting these pictures.

So I’ve tried NOT to shoot the obvious (e.g. “Mennesket Ved Havet”)… Or at least: shoot “the usuals” in an unusual way.

’nuff said, on to the picture at hand:

“Esbjerg 001 – City Arms”

The Esbjerg City Arms was officially granted in 1903.

The seal show a linden tree and two anchors. The linden tree symbolising the first (linden) tree of the city and the two anchors relate to the fact, that the city is one of the largest harbours in Denmark.

Prior to 1903, the city used a different (unofficial) arms, with a steamer and a dolphin. This seal was used in the years 1893 – 1903.

This particular copy of the City Arms is located at the entrance to Rybners Gymnasium at Grådybparken, 6700 Esbjerg