August 20th 2016

Esbjerg 003 - Fishermen's Memorial Grove

Esbjerg 003 – Fishermen’s Memorial Grove

Esbjerg  003 – Fishermen’s Memorial Grove

The Fishermen’s Memorial Grove isn’t just made up of the rotunda.

In the interior part of the rotunda, there’s a group of bronze sculptures.

The bronze figures depict: A man picking up another, a young woman sitting and thirdly a mother and a child.

The motive of the woman and the child is to symbolise the basic human values, the home and the child.

The figures of a man helping another, is a symbol of helpfulness and companionship.

Oh, and the memorial is created by C. Th. Sørensen (Sculptor), August Kiel (Landscape architect) and V. Thorlacius Ussing (Director of the “Ny Carlsberg Fund”).



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