Common Thread

Common Thread

Common Thread

Theme # 9: “Common Thread” or as it’s called in danish: “The red thread”.

I really struggled with this theme, looking everywhere for a way to illustrate it, but basically I was shit out of luck and/or inspiration.

So my interpretation ended up being very literal and to the point.

But in fact it runs a bit deeper. See I was suggested, that maybe I could do something with blooddonors.

That got me thinking: In hospitals they often have coloured lines running along the floor to help guide visitors. So I went to the hospital looking for a red line leading to the right place.

Turns out, that they don’t have any lines on the floors of the Esbjerg hospital :-(

They DID however have a blooddonor bus!

And this bus had this fine red line running down the side of it. *WOOHOO*

So I guess you have to know a little bit of what’s behind the picture to really understand it. I simply found the picture to become too cluttered, if I shot the entire bus and thus I stuck to this.

I’m happy… Are you?


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