01 – Hit The Lights

01 - Hit The Lights

01 – Hit The Lights


That is the number of days it took me to post a picture on my “a-pic-a-day” blog this year!


Unfortunately I’m battling a clinical depression which, amongst other things, has taken away my desire to be creative, thus the lack of pictures this year.

But I’ve decided that in order to get better, I also need to pick up some of the things I’ve stopped doing, but still love. One of those things is my photography.

One of the things that put me off the photography, was the self-implied pressure of having to produce a new picture everyday, and I just have to realize, that I cannot do that at this moment in time.

So in order to push myself and rekindle rekindle my love of the camera, I’ve had to set myself a new sort of challenge, rather than just simply having to produce a picture everyday.

Since I also love music, I’ve sought to combine these two interests of mine, and thus the new challenge is this:

I need to pick out an album by some musical artist, and then take photos to illustrate my interpretation of the songtitles on that album.

So, the photos will be named after the songtitles and posted here on the blog with my thoughts on the subject (and possibly some other thoughts as well).

So in the end you’ll be having an entire albums worth of photos, and I go on to pick a new album.

Oh, possibly I’ll be doing my version of the cover for the album as well, but since that is already a graphical object, I might not ;-)

But don’t go expecting me to post a picture everyday now ;-)

So… “Hit The Lights”, off of Metallica’s “Kill ’em All” album, is the first “Track” and why!?

Well basically if I have to pick out one and only one musical artist, it’d have to be Metallica… So I thought: Why not start at the beginning: Their first album!

And why this motif? I actually had several other ideas for this track, but as I sat looking out the window last night, this is what I saw!

And it kind of perfectly summed op my day, as it had been spent putting up lamps (and shelves and pictures) in my apartment, with the great help of my dad.

So finally I could “hit the lights” in my new apartment!

So, seeing this vision in the glare of the window it dawned on me: This is the first track!


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