November 19th 2012

Supercharger & Newsic

Supercharger & Newsic

I recently got myself a new batterycharger and it turns out to be a brilliant purchase!

Canon charges around DKK 500,- for an original charger, but I got this one for DKK 175,-

Quite a bargain, as this one charges several different types of batteries and the original Canon one would only electrify a single type!

What I like most, and what I didn’t know when I bought it, is that the new charger has a built in battery, so it can be used for wireless charging of anything USB powered… cool!

I wonder why Canon charge that much for their “dumb” charger!?

Oh, I know… PROFIT!

Oh… and as is visible from my phone, I’ve also gotten the new Corrosion Of Conformity EP: “Megalodon”…

What do I think of that record? Let’s just say I miss Pepper!


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