November 11th 2012

The $5.81 E.P: Poker Days Re-Revisited

The $5.81 E.P: Poker Days Re-Revisited

For quite some time I’ve been wanting to see if I could build a bankroll from zip, zero, nada, zilch, nothing to… well I’ve set no limits, so!?

I know this has been done by Chris Ferguson (aiming for (and making it to) $10.000), but of course I know I’m not “Jesus” and I know better than to dream of $10.000…

So instead I’ve set no upper limit for my target ;-)

Now, the problem is, that I’ve been struggling a lot with my poker game over the past couple of years :-/

I’ve ben going through a lot of personal problems, which has caused me to be inable to focus and concentrate for long enough to see a poker game through to the end…

But it’s about time I give it another shot, so last night I sat down at the tables to test myself…

Although both the premise for the games and the results were modest, I’m very happy with the way things went!

I played two freeroller tours last night and a $1,50 Sit-and-Go this morning and the results?

Well… Turns out I was bubbleboy in one tour and in the other I cashed the amazing sum of $0.13… What a great pay for 2 hours work :-D

Oh, but as you can see from the picture, I did considerably better in the SnG, where I took down top spot and an incredible $5.81 *YAY*

Well, so it’s not so much about the money, but I’m really really happy to have been able to keep focused for these games… Who knows, I might be getting my A game back, and more importantly, I take it as a sign, that I’m getting mentally stronger!

Now I just have to show that it’s not an isolated incident ;-)


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