July 24th 2012

What A Beautiful Day

What A Beautiful Day

Actually this was not only a beautiful day, but also sad and weird!

Sad because Dumbledore died :.-(

…o O (Granted I’m a tad behind the rest of the world on this knowledge)

Weird because of what you see in this picture, but more on that later!

Well, I spent the morning getting my apartment cleaned out, ready for the realtor to stop by, but before he showed up, Trine and her daugther came by…

Here I am looking forward to seeing two of the ost beautiful movers you can imagine… And they don’t bring me anything but pain, in the shape of an exercise bike! :-D

Well I’m actually really really grateful and I know the bike will be of great use and help, so a BIG BIG BIG thanks goes to Trine and Liv… You are beautful <3

Later I had Jeanne around for dinner and we started off at the marina dipping our feet in the water, enjoying the hot sun and a cold beer.

We ended the evening on the balcony (what a beautifully weird description of my itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny balcony!) playing Trivi… And there's no need to discuss THAT further *hrmpf*

Here's the weird part of the day:

Look at the picture… You should know that this was the hottest day of the year so far and skies had been blue all day… A few clouds had appeared, but the sun was still burning hot at the time we were on the balcony…

And then, off to the right of the picture, a rainbow occurred!

Not a big one, and obviously not impossible, but nevertheless, a rainbow and nevertheless improbable at the time!

Like I said: Weird, but beautiful!

Now where's that pot of gold?

Actually I think the pot of gold might be the bliss of my beautiful day :-)


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