February 28th 2012

Quiz: What's This Album?

Quiz: What's This Album?

“Those were the days my friend, I thought they’d never end…”

…but alas, here we are, not even playing CD’s anymore!

Yup todays picture’s all about guessing which album’s in the pic!?

Well, strictly speaking it’s actually an E.P. (actually it had to be cut one song short in the U.K. in order to conform to weird local rules regarding the length of an E.P.!?)

Oh… and the lyrics up above… They’re not from said record ;-)

However it IS the record I listened to all day and I brought out the vinyl version just so I could check out the cover, like in the olden days :-)

…o O (mp3’s are sooooo much more convenient, though!)

The prize, you may ask?

Well IF you guess right and IF you feel like you deserve a prize… Please feel free to look me up and convince me ;-)

I might not agree, though ;-)


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