January 19th 2012




Well I know this is a bit like cheating, as I haven’t actually shot this picture today *shameful*

But it IS my brothers birthday and I want to celebrate it…

As he’s stuck in Afghanistan for few a more days, I could’nt take his picture, so instead I took one off my harddrive ;-)

Hey… rules are ment to be broken :-D

So once again: HAPPY B-Day B-Boy… I’m looking forward to celebrating your birthday once You get back home!


One thought on “January 19th 2012

  1. Ow f*** … I just have to say that this is touching my heart .-)

    THANKS big bro’ :-) I’m excited to be home soon.

    Take care until then,

    PS I think you didn’t cheat because you actually did shoot this picture yourself back in time ,-)

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