January 9th 2012

Hutt damn!

Hutt damn!

So, today I went sightseeing…

Well, as you might suspect I did it in my starship and I ended up on Nar Shaddaa!

I didn’t like it much as it’s a moon (yes, it’s no planet, but one of eight moons orbiting the planet of Nal Hutta) that’s severely plagued by lawlessness and corruption, which are not to the likings of a lawful Jedi like myself!

Ehhmmm well okay I might’ve gotten carried away a bit there… But yes I did spend all of the day playing Star Wars: The Old Republic…

So todays picture reflects that, as it is simply a (photoshopped) screenshot from the game… Not QUITE in line with the theme, but somehow still a picture taken by me.

And will you look at that Hutt… I’ve never seen a Hutt that big… Even if it IS a statue… And even if it IS in a game!


2 thoughts on “January 9th 2012

  1. Hehe… this one made me laugh… especially because you got carried away for a moment there role play wise .-) Hadn’t imagined you as a role player, but hey! Maybe I should start looking for you on a RP PVP server? .-P

  2. You’ll end up talking to yourself, because it is physically impossible for my body to join a RP server… My brain simply cannot compute the thought and much less instruct my fingers to click on the link!

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