January 4th 2012



There’s not too much to say about this picture, as I’ve been having a terrible headache all day.

Thus I went for the easy solution and borrowed a few of my Momsi’s CowParade cows and got shooting…

The cow that got lucky and got it’s 15 minutes of fame (if any) is the Meditating Cow.

That said I’m off to bed to hopefully sleep off the rest of my headache!


3 thoughts on “January 4th 2012

  1. One comes to wonder… does anybody really know who Momsi is? I hope not… because she is our Momsi… the best in the world .-D

  2. MUUUUUHHHH :o) I sure like your comments – She is sure worth knowing cause she is MY VIFE :o) and do I love her :o)

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