January 3rd 2012



I was at my grandparents tonight for dinner (hakkebøf *yummy*)

So I noticed they have some old silverware on a table in their livingroom and figured it’d make a great motif for a vintage-styled photograph.

So out comes the camera and saves the (picture of the) day!


6 thoughts on “January 3rd 2012

  1. Nice vintage ,-) I am most certain that the silver box is our grand granddad’s from his time as a soldier .-)

  2. Exactly my brother… Our great granddad was a sergent and when he was discharged he was given this silver tobacco tin from the soldiers in his company.
    It is from 1915 and is engraved with his monogram “P G M” for Peter Grummesgaard Madsen
    The silver tongs are sugar tongs and alsom stem from our granddads house. They’re made by a wellknown silversmith from Holstebro and actually it turns out the museum up there are collecting his works.

  3. Hey Guys……
    Don’t get too smart -the silver tobacco box is MINE!!!
    If you behave you might get a shot at the inheritage :o)

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